“The Music Initiative” – June Issue

The Music Initiative Logo Online MagazineAlready an accomplished singer/songwriter, Anna fuses big band, blues, jazz, and swing with country music.  Nostalgic memories of Patsy, Bing, and jazz dame Ella abound.  This monumental recording calls on greats such as Larry Carlton, Kenny Rogers and contemporaries Keith Urban and Lady Antebellum to name a few.  Each song becomes a moment, a snapshot of past and present united accordingly; from the eloquent duet with Matt Giraud (“You Don’t Know Me”) to impassioned harmonies with Keith Urban (“Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues”) to the inspirational tribute “I Will Never Know” with Lloyd Green.  Fitting, a harmonious duet with Kenny Rogers (“For The Good Times”) concludes Countrypolitan Duets. Surely though, the timeless grandeur of this beautiful album will live on and hopefully inspire many more dazzling collaborations.

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