Nashville Country Club gives Countrypolitan Duets 4 Stars

Music Reviews by: Megan Grindle: 4/19/11

Anna Wilson's Countrypolitan Duets mixes the styles of country, jazz, and blues with every song as famous country stars join her track by track. Anna features Matt Giraud in a song that comes to terms with the fact of being friends instead of lovers, called "You Don't Know Me." The bluesy feel from that track follows through to the next, featuring Lady Antebellum, where Anna sings the main vocals and Lady A supports with amazing harmonies. Other songs have a saloon type of feel, or a ballroom performance style, like "Just for What I Am" with Connie Smith, and "You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me" featuring Rascal Flatts and Ray Price. Keith Urban is another big name that joins Anna; it is a slower feel than most of his songs, but most of the CD has that vibe. Lloyd Green, Rick Braun, and Billy Dean are other artists that you may recognize on this CD, and though the style of the album isn't strictly country, if you enjoy them as singers then you will enjoy their work with Anna.

Anna Wilson does a good job at combining country with old time jazz and blues styles, and her music is great for a night in or a calm evening. Her vocals are soft, yet rich, and she takes some country classics and makes them her own! For more on Anna go to

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