Anna Wilson’s Nashville gamble hits the trifecta

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COUNTRYPOLITAN DUETS Anna Wilson & Friends (Music World Music/Transfer Records)

Released Tuesday, this disc is a fascinating experiment: Can a Nashville-based jazz singer such as Anna Wilson successfully create an unlikely marriage between country, jazz, and pop?

The answer is a resounding yes, a testament to Wilson's immense capabilities as a diva and music visionary/interpreter.

There's a lot of good ol', down-home swing, but it's mostly a collection of lush duets and ballad-like covers in which Wilson is paired with some equally fine singers and groups, from American Idol finalist Matt Giraud to Ray Price, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Ray Price, Rascal Flatts, Rick Braun, and Kenny Rogers.

You can hear the sultry jazz, the impassioned country -- but, by whatever name, the common denominator is romance and lots of it. Songs covered include hits from Patsy Cline, Price, and others.


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