A Song For The Times

November 14th, 2016

T77 Open Home

November 14, 2016 -- Anna Wilson has a new band called  TROUBADOUR 77.  She is composing the lions share of the songs for the band that takes its musical, lyrical, sonic and production cues from the great singer-songwriter based bands of the 1970's.

This first offering for fans is being released via Facebook and Noisetrade.com.  It is called "Open Home" and is a haunting and thoughtful take on the historical course of immigration in America.  It views our situation today through the lens of how our cultures interacted in ages past.  It is a powerful commentary on the current position we find ourselves in.

To get a free download of "Open Home" and view the lyric video click on these links:

FREE DOWNLOAD:  http://noisetrade.com/troubadour77music/open-home

LYRIC VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/mNG0L195_E8