Wilson Mixes Jazz & Country in Mountain Setting

June 23rd, 2010

MUSIC IN THE MOUNTAINS! - By Linda East BradyStandard-Examiner

Singer Anna Wilson likes to live in two worlds.

Geographically speaking, for starters, she calls two towns home. The first is Nashville, Tenn., ground zero for the business of making country music, as well as other styles. Wilson also spends a good part of the year in Huntsville, among the mountains she and her husband fell in love with on Western ski trips.

Wilson also sometimes sings a jazz and country style combined. The match served her well when the Wolf Creek Utah ski resort came calling, looking for Wilson to sing as part of the resort's summer concert series. Wilson is joining forces with the Crescent Super Band. She brings a few classic country tunes, and the band brings along a few American standards, and the music begins.  READ MORE...